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Line Marking

Line Marking

Line marking, like the name suggests, involves marking out lines to highlight certain spots and signs. Omega Industries readily provide high quality line marking services for both the private and public sector. Whether it’s for road construction, onsite maintenance, car parking, pedestrian safety, school zones, factory or warehouse floors, our dedicated team of professionals have got you covered.

What do our line marking services involve?

  • Whether you need lines re-marked according to an existing plan, or a new line marking design and painting package, we can help.
  • Line markings compliant with Australian Safety Standards.
  • Long-lasting accredited products approved by the RMS.
  • The latest line marking equipment proven for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Expertise with all kinds of jobs – from small businesses to large shopping centres and schools, we can help.
  • A professional line marking service carried out after business hours. We want to minimise disruption to your daily operations as much as possible.
  • A thorough, yet quick, service enabling you to to return to normal business promptly.

Why Omega Industries?

Omega Industries is the largest Australian road marking paint manufacturer, holding multiple public sector supply arrangements. Therefore, our resources from both manufacturing and application divisions’ are at disposal for unmatched technical and practical knowledge.

High quality line marking for road construction, maintenance and pedestrian safety for both the private and public sector is a specialty of ours. Our team has the expertise to meet your job’s purpose, deadline and budget, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! You can reach us on 1300 372 468 or, alternatively, fill out our online contact form.